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Our teachers need more funding-period.  It’s far too often that our educators have to dig into their wallets from a paycheck that is far too low.  That’s unacceptable to me. If we want our children to be properly educated, we need to properly support those who are educating them.  We need to treat our teachers as what they are-heroes. Teachers need to be paid more and have the resources they need to do the critical work they do effectively.


As a former veteran, I know the struggles that our soldiers face coming home. Too often, our soldiers who have dedicated their lives to protecting our communities and country, are neglected after they have performed their duty. That is unacceptable to me. We need to support programs such as the WWP and other programs that support our disabled veterans

Police Officer

As a former police officer, I understand the need to improve the relationship between our police officers and the community in which they serve. It’s time to bridge the gap.  It’s time to work together.  Providing additional education, training on the evolving needs of our communities, and making the current training more effective; will strengthen the trust between law enforcement and the citizens they serve and protect.  It is important that we provide additional support through mental health professionals, social workers, drug counselors, and other professionals to guarantee our police officers have the resources available to deal with the  situations they are walking into. As public servants, they are working tirelessly to protect and to serve.

Formerly Homeless

I understand the issues our homeless community is dealing with because I’ve been homeless. We need to fix the problems they are facing in not having adequate space in shelters.  Everyone should have somewhere to lay their head at night.  In addition to that, we need to address the systemic problems that are causing homelessness. The homeless population deserves access to childcare, job opportunities and housing, so they can adequately live out the American dream.


Equality Meets Opportunity

I am your neighbor and I want to amplify your voice.

I understand the plight that our community faces and with your support I am confident that we can make our community a better place.

We cannot do this alone.

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